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Check out our library- a collection of knowledge from our team and other FRC teams

General Knowledge


Control Systems

Intro to Java Programming:  Video   Slides

Overview of FRC Programming:   Video   Slides

Install FRC Software Tools:   Video   Slides

Beginner FRC Programming 1:   Video   Slides

Beginner Subsystems and Commands:   Video   Slides

Beginner Control Loops:   Video   Slides

Programming Practices:  Slides

Exploring 2022 WPILib and Spectrum Updates:   Video   Slides

Control System Self Learning Resources:   Slides


Control Systems

Design & CAD

Overview of FRC Robots: Video   Slides

Exploration of the FRC Kit Drivetrain:   Video   Slides

Exploration of the WCP Greyt Elevator:   Video   Slides

Exploring the 2017 Spectrum Launcher:   Video   Slides

Exploration of the 2020 Spectrum Intake:   Video   Slides

Mechanical Advantage:   Video   Slides

Understanding Engineering Drawings:   Video   Slides

Beginner Materials:   Video   Slides

Versaplanetary Gearboxes:   Video    Slides

Beginner Swerve:   Video    Slides

Intakes:   Video   Slides

FRC Prototyping:   Video    Slides

Design Exploration Video Playlist:   Videos

Design Self Learning Resources:   Slides

CAD Design Challenges:   Slides

NASA Build Guide

Calculators (Gears, Belts & Motors):  West Coast Products Calculators

CAD Training Inventor:  Inventor YouTube Training Series

Student Inventor Licenses:  Autodesk Inventor Licenses

Robowranglers CAD Resources


Intro to CAD (OnShape):  Videos   Slides

FRC OnShape MKCad - Featurescripts:   Video 2020   Slides

Onshape Laser Joint & T-Slot Joint Featurescripts:   Video

OnShape Part Studios and Assemblies:   Video   Slides

OnShape FRC Robot Organization:   Video   Slides


Teams to Know

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