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Joining the wired wizards has been one of my best decisions. Made lots of friends and learned even more.
Austin White, Laney High School
I love the Wired Wizards!!!!
Harry Atwal, UNCW
This is my second year on the team, and so far, it has been an amazing experience. FIRST is awesome, robots are cool.
Alex Thomas, Laney High School
FIRST has inspired me to pursue my interest in STEM fields despite my wariness of the lack of females in STEM. The Wired Wizards devotion to providing these unique experiences to every interested student in the community is unparalleled and has motivated me to learn and grow in ways I did not expect.
Maryellen Hinson, New Hanover High School
My time with the Wired Wizards and FRC has been an amazing experience! All of the hard work and stress of build season is validated when everything comes together and you see the results of everyone’s efforts. I’m very glad I was able to be a part of this team and I’m sure I’ll be involved in FIRST after I graduate.
Daniel Wilson, Homeschool
It has been a great experience. I hope to do it again.
Cameron Herzog, Laney High School
Being on this team has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have met so many nice, new people. It is a wonderful feeling, being a part of something that touches the community in such a positive way.
Brandon Dyer, Laney High School
FIRST has provided me with just about the only thing I do outside of school work. I have gained marketing and management skills through the completion of projects within the team such as our Outreach efforts to start new FIRST teams in the local area.
Jon Piper, Laney High School
Wired Wizards and FIRST have been amazing experiences. I have met some amazing people and have been able to do amazing things that most people never have the opportunity to do.
Jack Farmer, New Hanover High School
Being on The Wired Wizards has been a learning experience, putting school to the test. Throughout a lot of effort with this team, I have seen this proved true: “Robots are fun. Fun is hard.”
Master Charles Penny, Homeschool
I have learned a great deal about how to program, and also very much about organizing and leading a business. My overall experience has been enjoyable as well as educational. (I might need to add stressful.)
Benjamin Davis, Laney High School
FIRST has changed my life and the reason that I even got interested in computers and engineering. After being on this team for three years, this year has been the best by far. From getting to eliminations to winning 3 awards, the team is on a path to success.
Gage Miller, New Hanover High School
The Wired Wizards are a group like no other. Our innovative ideas and willingness to make changes gives us an edge against other teams. Overall, the Wired Wizards have been very successful in their endeavors.
Grant Bonds, Wilmington Early College
I’ve been with Wired Wizards since it was a second year team, and how much we’ve grown is fantastic! It’s purely /magical/ to be a part of my team.
Sam Weaver, Laney High School
I was “blood, sweat, and tears” involved as a student and team captain with the Wired Wizards FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team for 3 years. I would not have given for anything, and continue to mentor the team.
Hannah Wilson, Hanoona Media
I have had a ton of fun there with this major group of nerds. Yes there are occasional arguments, but we are human. Joining this team was not a mistake.
Ian Green, Laney High School
My experience with FIRST and the wired wizards has been amazing. I’ve meet so many great new people and have learned so many new things. I will love to be part of this club for as long as I can.
Kaitlyn Perry, Laney High School
FIRST has shown me that, all over the world, people truly can get together to show that they have a passion, and that they are equal among all that share their passion. The Wired Wizards has hurled me beyond my expectations of myself, going from having the belief that my biggest contribution to the team would be leaving it, to brainstorming with peers and mentors as I help design the system of neural networks that directs predictions of event, team, and match data, and as I guide members of the Alpha team (programming team sub-team for robot code) as their leader in forging the code that operates our beloved 2016 robot, the same robot that will soon be heading to the World Championships: Su.
Tommy Sanford, Laney High School
I have been a proud member of the Wired Wizards for two years now, and have enjoyed every second on the team. I learned how to work with people, meet deadlines, and organization skills. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world!
Gabby Despaigne, Isaac Bear Early College
FIRST has given me an opportunity unlike any other–being a part of this team and getting to know so many great people has been amazing. I definitely feel that during my time with the Wired Wizards I’ve made friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
Ebony Hagans-Green, New Hanover High School

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