Hurricane Florence

Only a few months ago, Wilmington was ravaged by Hurricane Florence. We’d like to thank FIRST and everyone else for their help and prayers during our time of need. Luckily, everyone on the Wired Wizards came out with only mild damages. I’d like to acknowledge all our past and present members for their amazing teamwork in the recovery and removal efforts of other team members homes and businesses. I’d also like to thank them for their help in the team-wide support of the World Central Kitchen as they fed people throughout the community.

New Year, New Team, New Space

This year we are very excited to welcome 18 new members to the Wired Wizards! After doubling our membership we officially welcomed our new leaders and mentors into their positions.  


Kat Perry is a senior at Laney and is celebrating another year as Marketing lead. She brings back her sparkling personality and business savvy into our bustling new environment.


Natalie Kelmer is a Laney senior and future chemical engineer. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is the perfect person to handle our new wave of programmers.


Ashutosh Patel is a Hoggard senior with a passion for engineering and a leader’s confidence perfect for pushing his growing team to its limits.

Team Captain

Charlotte Smith is a senior at Laney and future engineer. She is currently entering her second year as team captain bringing her impeccable leadership skills and detail-oriented personality in order to ensure another year of greatness.



Recently, the Wired Wizards joined the other FIRST teams PHEnix, Penco Bots, Costal CATastrophe, Skeleton Crew, and Cape Fear Academy for the kickoff of our 2019 game, Destination: Deep Space. This year’s game really shook things up in the FIRST community. In Destination: Deep Space, the usual 15 second autonomous period was joined by a “sandstorm” in which a black cover is lowered over the screen in the driver’s stations and players are allowed to either use autonomous code OR drive using vision code. Another thing that is different this year is that instead of climbing, robots can raise themselves onto a series of different sized platforms located near the driver’s stations. This year’s game also features cargo and hatch pannels which robots have to interact with in order to prepare your rockets to launch. Now it’s time to hit the ground running into Build Season to be ready to compete!