The time commitment on a FIRST Robotics Challenge team is intense. This will be unlike most anything else you’ve experienced!

Pre-season (September – January)

During pre-season, it is our intention to meet approximately once a week for training. These training sessions will target specific skills and may or may not pertain to your goals for the team however they will be open to everyone.

In addition, each student is expected to raise funds by talking to companies, local businesses, and friends and family. FIRST is entirely non-profit and the entire organization is supported by our community.

Students are also expected to assist and mentor fellow FRC, FTC, FLL, and FLLjr teams. This involves a few after school or weekend sessions throughout the fall pre-season.

Lastly, we will on occasion have demos, sponsor events, and other activities for which participation is expected.  These will usually happen 2-3 times in the fall and will not overlap holidays.

Build Season (January to February – 6 Weeks)

Build season is our intense period.  It begins with a kickoff event where FIRST will announce the game challenge in full detail with supporting documentation. Immediately following the announcement, each team hits the ground running and a 6 week clock begins ticking. Due to this incredibly constrained time limit, we typically meet 3-4 times a week after school and a full day on Saturday and half day (afternoons) on Sunday.

Competition Season (March – April)

Competition Season is when we began to take part in the various competitions and events of FRC. Competition season is less demanding than Build Season, however we still suggest that students attend if\when they can.

Post Season & Break (May – September)

During post season we try to be more relaxed. We may have occasional meetings, events, or activities. In the future our hope is to offer classes and do community outreach during this time.