There is a $300 yearly fee for participation on the Wired Wizard’s team due no later than 7 days after registering. Dues may be paid by cash, check, paypal, or in-person credit card. Checks should be made out to “Port City Robotics.”

Through a generous donation from Corning, Port City Robotics can offer some scholarships each year to cover dues. Requests for scholarships should be made in person to the Wired Wizards Coach.

Travel & Accomodations

New in 2017, the Wired Wizards will not guarantee funding for student travel to events and competitions. Our plan is to continue to fundraise and reduce the burden as much as possible. The new strategy will be to fundraise to cover scholarship recipients’ travel first. Once travel costs have been covered for these students, the remainder of funds raised will be divided evenly among students to reduce the per-student travel costs.

As such, students and parents should plan to budget approximately $200 for each district event (2), and $200 for state championships for a total of $600. The budget for World championships is currently in the works as of 9/20/2016. The estimate at this time is $750/student for travel to Houston for 7 days.


Students are responsible for their own budgets for food during travel. Restaurant selection will happen 1-2 weeks prior to travel to assist in budgeting.

We ask that students/parents assist in providing snacks throughout the build weeks and a potluck lunch on Saturday build days. More information and  signup sheet will be distributed closer to build season.

Other Costs

It is still the intention of Wired Wizards to have students and mentors work throughout the year to minimize the financial burden as much as possible across the board. Through our wonderful sponsors, family, and friends we have been incredibly blessed to reduce the total costs to a bare minimum in years past.

Fund Allocations throughout the year have the following budgetary priorities:

  • District Event Registration ($5,000) [Cortech Solutions, Duke Energy]
  • Dues Sponsorship ($500) [Corning]
  • Robot, Pit, Cart Build Expenses ($2,500) [Corning, Dues]
  • District Travel Sponsorships ($2,000) [TBD]
  • State Event Registration ($4,000) [TBD]
  • State Travel Sponsorships ($1,000) [TBD]
  • World Championships Registration ($5,000) [Qualcomm]
  • World Championships Travel Sponsorships ($4,500) [TBD]
  • District Event Travel 1 ($5,000) [TBD]
  • District Event Travel 2 ($5,000) [TBD]
  • State Event Travel ($5,000) [TBD]
  • World Championships Travel ($15,000) [TBD]