Student Behavioral Agreement Contract

This is the student agreement for behavior at the Wired Wizards, Port City Robotics, and FIRST. You must agree to all team conditions. Failure to adhere to this agreement will result in disciplinary action up to and including being sent home at your parent or guardian’s expense.

Alcohol & Tobacco: Students are not permitted to consume alcohol or tobacco related products including the use of e-cigs or vapors. Consuming alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, or the use of vapor devices may result in dismissal from the event and possibly the team.

Attendance: Students must attend all scheduled events. At no time (during trips) are students allowed to leave the current venue or hotel for any reason without express consent of the team coach. This includes leaving with your family for any reason. At no time are students allowed to leave the current venue or hotel by themselves.

Discipline: The first infraction of the Student Agreement for a non-serious offense will result in a meeting with a guardian. If necessary, a call will be made to your parents or guardians and a restriction on your behavior put in place. Continued infractions or serious violations (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, firearms, sexual misconduct, absence after curfew, theft, violence, etc.) will result in dismissal from the event and you will be returned home via the lowest cost reasonable transportation method (ex. taxi, airfare) at your parents’ or guardians’ expense.

Dress Code: Each student must wear appropriate clothing that covers your body at all times. No mid-riff exposing clothes, excessively high-cut pants, or open-toed shoes are allowed. At venues, you must wear sturdy clothes, your team shirt or an approved equivalent, close toed shoes, and safety glasses where required. Chaperones will issue a warning if your clothing is inappropriate. Every student must shower each day and keep their appearance professional and neat. Students should wear team shirts or an approved equivalent every day and are responsible for keeping them clean.

Drug Possession & Use: The possession or use of illegal substances is forbidden and will result in dismissal from the team and a return home at your parents’ or guardians’ expense.  The definition of illegal substance is based on North Carolina statutes or the state in which we are travelling, whichever is more strict.

Sexual Misconduct: Any inappropriate sexual misconduct will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the event at your parents’ or guardians’ expense. This includes if a chaperone has to repeatedly remind you about inappropriate or consistent displays of affection.

Student Health: Student safety is our number one concern. Each student’s parents have provided a list of allergies and medications to the chaperones. You are expected to maintain any medication and carry with you any emergency medical devices that are needed (rescue inhalers, epinephrine pens, etc.). All students must have medical insurance or purchase a temporary policy for the duration of travel. If you are feeling ill, please report it immediately to the nearest guardian.

Weapons: Weapons such as knives (including hobby knives), firearms, firecrackers, or any other devices that could be construed as a weapon are not permitted at Port City Robotics. Prop weapons are acceptable so long as they do not contain dangerous aspects such as sharp edges, hard surfaces, or projectiles.

Travel Behavioral Agreements

Curfew: Lights out times are published on the team schedule.  All students are expected to be in bed, lights out at the specified time. No exceptions. Chaperones will do room checks periodically. Students are expected to be in their assigned rooms at curfew. Boys and girls may not be in the same room alone for any reason at curfew without the express permission from all parents or guardians involved.

Driving: Students are not permitted to drive on trips outside North Carolina for any reason. No exceptions. Student drivers may not carry student passengers without the express permission of all parents or guardians involved.

Hotel Guidelines: The Hotel, Port City Robotics, Wired Wizards, FIRST, nor the adult chaperones can be held liable for lost or damaged property on this trip. Secure your belongings in the hotel or bring them with you.  Consider not bringing expensive items that you do not wish to lose on this trip. Boys and girls may not be alone in hotel rooms at any time unless an adult is present such as a team meeting. Students may not share rooms with adults unless they are related.