About the Marketing Team

The Marketing team is one of the three subteams on the Wired Wizards. It is responsible for controlling the image of the Wired Wizards through social media, outreach, award submissions, and by acting as liaisons between the media and the team. This job is incredibly important, because the way the team presents itself to the general public is essential to the fundraising process. T-shirts, buttons, and any other things related to the Wired Wizards’ brand are created by the team. Blog posts, press releases, and media interviews are conducted by the marketing team as well. They control the team’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other types of social media. The most important thing they do, however, is coordinate community outreach events such as RoboCon and community demonstrations.


Kat Perry: Marketing Lead

Kat Perry is this year’s head of the Marketing team. She is currently a junior in high school and has been a part of the team for three years. As Marketing Lead, Kat makes sure nobody feel left out and is excellent at delegating. She separates her members based on their interests and assigns them tasks accordingly. She also worked with the Design Committee to ensure that economic feasibility was accounted for in the robot design, as well as kickstarting the fundraising process by separating team members into groups. Her vision for design led to this year’s button dispenser design, which is based off of a retro video game. She is admired by all team members because of her friendly, outgoing, and pleasant demeanor.


The place where Marketing really shines through is with awards. Each year FIRST® hands out awards for various achievements. This can help teams advance in the competition and provide them with sponsorship opportunities. Marketing is in charge of writing and submitting these awards and has had great success in the past. We have won the Entrepreneurship Award for our comprehensive business plans, and last year we also won the Safety Award and the Hard Hat awards for our superior execution of safety precautions. The most prestigious award we’ve won, however, is Engineering Inspiration (EI). We’ve won EI the past two years because of our initiatives to spread STEM and the ideas of FIRST® throughout our community. This award has brought us to the FIRST® World Championships the past two years.