The Wired Wizards have been quite productive as of late preparing for an entrance into Pre-season. We have recently been working on recruiting new members as well as community outreach. We have succeeded in this by entering into community events like Riverfest. Internally, we are welcoming new members and preparing for this year’s game, Power Up.

The game hint for this year’s challenge was released on September 21, introducing up to Power Up. The teaser featured a retro video game theme for the 2017-2018 season. After that, the conspiracists went wild, theorizing what the game could be. Some believed it was all about shooting targets, while others still held to the hope of a water game being confirmed.

The Wired Wizards went to Riverfest this weekend to show off our robot and what Wired Wizards is. Riverfest is a community-wide event with food, vendors, and charities who come together to share their ideas and products with the community. Over two days the Wizards met new contacts and many people with relations to FIRST all around the world. We raised funds and spirits with demos. We explained to anyone who walked into our booth about our robot, Orville, and how he works. He dazzled people with his blinking lights, shooter, and mecanum wheels, successfully completing Dean Kamen’s homework of spreading the word about FIRST. 

On October 9, the Wizards welcomed prospective members into the build space for an informational session about all things Wired Wizards. Charlotte, Kat, David, and Benjamin explained to students the ins and outs of the programming, marketing, and build teams, as well as what is expected for each team. We immersed them into the world of FIRST as well as this years game, Power Up. We are currently assigning and assimilating the new people to their roles, incorporating them into the Wired Wizards family.

Also, we are in the process of planning for RoboCon 2017! The date has been set for December 2nd. This will feature a day full of fun, food, and robots! Bring your friends and family to see how STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is active in the community through Robotics teams ranging from elementary to high school as well as stem-based colleges, clubs, and companies.

Thank all of you for supporting the Wired Wizards and get ready to be Powered Up for this season!