After returning from THOR, The Wired Wizards are welcoming in new team leads and beginning the renovation of our build space! We are currently holding meetings in preparation for our Preseason which begins September 11th. Along with that, we are looking for new members.

Team Leads

We are proud to welcome in Charlotte Smith, David Streit, Ian Green, Kat Perry, and Benjamin Davis as our new team leads for the 2017-2018 season. Kat Perry has 2 seasons of experience on our Marketing sub team, and in our last season almost single-handedly ran the Marketing team, making her the perfect candidate for this year’s Marketing team lead. Benjamin Davis is our new Programming sub team lead and a seasoned programmer who worked hard programming our vision and LED code as well as teaching our junior programmers. Ian Green is our new Design lead and an integral part of our build team, whose build know-how has led to the functioning designs of our robots. David Streit is a relatively new member of the team but in his short time has shown outstanding leadership and build skills, qualifying him to be our new Build lead. Finally is Charlotte Smith whose loyalty to the team mixed with her leadership and organizational skills made her the clear choice for team captain.

Build Space Renovations

We are currently in the process of renovating our build space for easier use in our upcoming season. This includes laying down new carpet and re-organizing our equipment. We are also in the process of building new work tables, equipment holders, and anything else we need to ensure an organized and safe season. We would graciously accept donations of materials such as wood, piping, or metal.


Pre-season is from September 11th until Kickoff in which the Wizards make all the preparations for the upcoming season. This year we are focusing on training, fundraising, and practicing for our upcoming season. We plan to begin training members both new and old in skills needed for the season ahead to help fulfill our mission to educate or members in STEM principles. Along with training, we are also planning to practice by giving our members pre-season challenges that might be faced during the real season to better prepare for obstacles and to streamline to design process. Finally, we are working on our fundraising efforts to be able to successfully fund our robot and our team in the coming years.

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