Wow! What an amazing season! As we’re on our way back from our trip to the FIRST World Championships in Houston, we wanted to write a blog post sharing some of the memories of this season! We’ve decided to share our experience in a collection of limericks written by our team members.

There once was a team of wizards-
who had a bunch of pet lizards.
They built a robot,
it was pretty hot,
when it broke, it made us all shiver.

Our season started in early January, and early on, people weren’t sure what to think.

The wizards were dazed and confused
There wasn’t much there to peruse
T’was end of vacation
And with that revelation
The wizards had no time to
– Ebony

With six weeks to build, we had to come up with a design quickly!

Wilmington has one of the best,
the Wizards can take out the rest.
They don’t stand a chance,
unless magic perchance
does not choose our team to be blessed!

– Tom

After the build season, we went into our first competition!

Upon the first competition,
the Wizards were tasked with a mission.
To compete and win,
would be no chagrin,
success would be their ambition.

– Natalie

We did reasonably well at our first competition, and at our second competition, we won the Engineering Inspiration Award! We advanced to states, and won again there, and discovered we were headed to the FIRST World Championships!

When the Wizards decided
they’d proceed despite mishaps provided;
No matter how much things devolved,
they’d succeed through resolve,
and in the end they went to Houston excited!

– Connor

Thank you everyone for a great season! We’re excited for next year!