Hello everyone! Welcome to the first blog post of the Wired Wizards as we are mid-way through the preseason process! With the holidays and build season fast approaching I have come to our blog to explain just what has been happening with so far this year.
I would just like to start off by thanking our amazing sponsors that have helped us so far in the new season! So without further adieu, a hearty helping of thanks goes to: Cortech Solutions, Duke Energy, Port City Robotics, Corning, Quintify Database Solutions, and Cameron Management!
Learning About STEAM
This year’s FIRST competition theme is STEAM (with the A standing for art in addition to the usual acronym for STEM) with a heavy styling focus on steampunk. This is an important year for FIRST because this is the year they are officially incorporating art/design into the very title of season. We at Wired Wizards are very excited about this new addition and are already in the process of redesigning our logo and t-shirts to reflect the new trends of the season. We also look forward to incorporating the logos of our sponsors into the STEAMpunk theme and finding new and creative ways to beautify our robot. Much excite!
Our First Event of the Season
We started off our season with an amazing event at UNCW’s CIE (Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and it was definitely the grand slam we needed to start the season. Many members of our community showed up to support and show interest in not just our team, but the teams of Brunswick and Pender. Our own member Alex Thomas presented on the main aspects of FIRST and the benefits of joining an FRC team in order to share some knowledge and recruit new members that had attended the event. All in all, it was an amazing way to recruit new members and spark community interest!
Upcoming Event: RoboCon
The Wired Wizards will be holding an event on Saturday, December 17th, at Brunswick Community College (Building B), to really start to rally the team and establish local support at an even higher level as we approach build season. There will be refreshments, robot driving (safely performed of course), and a whole lot Wired Wizards fun. It will truly be an event to remember as we pursue such high goals in this season. We really look forward to the attendance of anyone that would love to come out and show their support for Wired Wizards, Port City Robotics, and local STEM education.
Build Space
We have secured a build space for this season! Cameron Management has very generously offered to act as a new sponsor for us in the upcoming year and has provided us with build space. This is an amazing development because it will give us lots of room to maneuver and freely work on our robot in the upcoming build season. Thanks again to Cameron Management!
A large part of Wired Wizards is increasing STEM education in our area and competing as an FRC team in FIRST’s robotics competitions. We are hard at work just as always trying to raise funds for our team and would appreciate the support of our lovely community. Please take the time to look around our webpage, like our Facebook page, or maybe, make a much appreciated donation to Port City Robotics for our cause.


Thank you all so much for coming to read our official preseason check-up blog post! I hope this was very enlightening to all of you that are interested in supporting the Wired Wizards and our goals this season, and maybe for many seasons to come!
I’m looking forward to a great season! : )