Spotlight: Marketing Team

About the Marketing Team The Marketing team is one of the three subteams on the Wired Wizards. It is responsible for controlling the image of the Wired Wizards through social media, outreach, award submissions, and by acting as liaisons between the media and the team. This job is incredibly important, because the way the team [...]

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Post-Kickoff Agenda

What Has Been Happening   Pre-Season has come and gone for the Wired Wizards, and a lot happened. By team, programming has been working on our website to update information as well as leading courses to introduce new members to the world of programming. Build team has been updating our cart we use to carry [...]

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The Education of FRC

How does a High School student define success?  Do they hope to pass a test to get through a class?  Is there pressure to earn good grades to maintain a GPA?  Will the student work through a checklist of clubs and accolades to impress a college or job recruiter?  In today's society, success is often [...]

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Pre-Season Kick-off, Riverfest, and More!

The Wired Wizards have been quite productive as of late preparing for an entrance into Pre-season. We have recently been working on recruiting new members as well as community outreach. We have succeeded in this by entering into community events like Riverfest. Internally, we are welcoming new members and preparing for this year's game, Power [...]

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Post THOR Agenda

After returning from THOR, The Wired Wizards are welcoming in new team leads and beginning the renovation of our build space! We are currently holding meetings in preparation for our Preseason which begins September 11th. Along with that, we are looking for new members. Team Leads We are proud to welcome in Charlotte Smith, David [...]

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Mid Season Update

So far, this season of the Wired Wizards has been going well, and we are working hard to build our FIRST Steamworks robot! As this season presses on, we want to update you on a few things. Starting off, we are going to begin being more active on social media! You can follow us on [...]

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Kicking Off Our Year with STEAM!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first blog post of the Wired Wizards as we are mid-way through the preseason process! With the holidays and build season fast approaching I have come to our blog to explain just what has been happening with so far this year. Sponsors! I would just like to start off by [...]

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Crystal Ball: Staring Into the Future with How Team 4534 does Design!

Introduction Design is, arguably, one of the most important parts of the build season. Decisions made in the initial design phase can affect your team throughout the rest of build season, and even through the competitions. As a result, we on the Wired Wizards take design very seriously. In the preseason of our 2017 season, [...]

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