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Crystal Ball: Staring Into the Future with How Team 4534 does Design!

Introduction Design is, arguably, one of the most important parts of the build season. Decisions made in the initial design phase can affect your team throughout the rest of build season, and even through the competitions. As a result, we on the Wired Wizards take design very seriously. In the preseason of our 2017 season, [...]

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Programming Spotlight: Our Army

Hi, Sam Weaver here again folks! I am here to represent the programming team in a discussion about how I decided to structure our programming team for optimal functioning and accomplishing our objectives.  I am the programming lead, but I balance many other responsibilities on the team, so it would be impractical for my to [...]

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Programming Spotlight: Vision Code

This is the FIRST of many blog posts detailing the escapades of the programming team. I am Sam Weaver, Programming Lead, and I will be working to post information about how our programming team performed this season. This post concentrates on the efforts of the Gamma Squadron, one of the many subteams of the Programming [...]

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