Hello everyone! Welcome to the first blog post of the Wired Wizards build season! I hope everyone has had excellent holidays and is ready to start the New Year with us at Wired Wizards! To get us all started this year and to check up with everyone, I am here today to give an update on our progress.

Game Reveal

On January 7th our team gathered at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to take part in the FRC’s Kickoff! The wait was finally over and our game was revealed! In this year’s STEAMworks competition we have to launch fuel and gather gears in a thrilling race to fill our boilers, wind up our motors, and launch our ship into the air! We are very excited and have already started testing our shooter! We are looking forward to an excellent season!

Here’s a link to the FIRST STEAMworks event release for anyone who had not seen it:


Here is Coach instructing Build Team on the proper way to construct one of our mock game props!

New Sponsor!

In addition to the excellent, continued support from our current sponsors, I would like to take this section of our post to thank Brett Martin of Castle Branch for becoming a sponsor. It was really great for our Team Captain, Sam Weaver, to get to meet with him and gain some of his well-learned wisdom on the Business Development and managerial aspects of running a business and a team. Thanks Brett! We appreciate your time and your support!

Team Building

We have had a very busy and exciting season, but we have also had some amazing fun with team building and getting to know each other. Wired Wizards’ and Port City Robotics’ main goal is to bring students together to nurture their passion and education in the STEM fields and I think this year is getting better and better! Here’s a picture of some peace building meditation in the midst of our Ultimate Frisbee Standoff!


I am very excited as we are getting farther into build season! We have built most, if not all, of our game props and are working hard on programming and building the rest of our robot. I’ve already mentioned that we have been testing our shooter and we should be working on the CAD for it as I am typing! Our progress has been amazing so far and I hope to keep updating you all as we continue to make our machine even more excellent. We’ll even have to name it soon!!!

Programming team hard at work!


Thank you all again for your continued support and contact with us throughout our seasons! I appreciate you coming here to read our post and if you haven’t yet please donate or spread our webpage or any of our social media. We as a Port City team are greatly encouraged by all of the support you can provide us. I hope you all have an awesome time until I talk to you again!