About Wired Wizards

The Wired Wizards FIRST robotics team is a group of high school students who build and program robots. We began at the end of 2012 and continue to compete in the NC district competition. We have also been featured in our local newspapers and news stations. So far, it has been a learning experience like no other. If you would like to help us along this journey and make it possible for us to do our best, please consider sponsoring us by clicking the button on the right.

We are from Wilmington, NC and were created by the UNC-Wilmington Student Chapter of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). We are a community-based team consisting of boys and girls from all public high schools in New Hanover County, and home-schooled students as well. Although we are a very diverse group of students, we all have one small commonality in our DNA…we all want to build robots! Many of us also plan to go to college to become engineers. However, the team is also a learning opportunity for students interested in marketing and computer science.

The video below is an introduction FIRST Robotics and The Wired Wizards. It will walk you through some of our experiences over the past 7 years.

About US First

FIRST was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen to encourage change in our culture so that science is considered to be cool. He created programs that allow children to get as close to real life engineering as they can get outside of the workplace. Our team is participating the FIRST Robotics Competition, for ages 14 – 18. FIRST is an international competition and is recognized by many colleges through scholarships. It’s the real deal!